Day 23 Richardton to Bismarck

Strava link Satellite tracking The bike travel today was fairly uneventful. Marian’s airline travel on the other hand was quite the ordeal. She missed her flight in Bismarck and spent the rest of the day at the airport getting rebooked on several different flights. Only to have her last chance for the day be lateContinue reading “Day 23 Richardton to Bismarck”

Day 18 almost Lewistown to past Winnett

Strava link Satellite tracking I had a rest day yesterday and caught up on four blog posts. The legs felt fresher today after the rest but, it was a cold rainy day with the temperature never above 51. It rained all day but I never got wet. It was a light rain so, there wasContinue reading “Day 18 almost Lewistown to past Winnett”

Day 16 Malmstrom AFB to almost Lewistown

Strava link Satellite tracking Today was a pretty uneventful day of riding pleasant weather neither hot nor cold, rolling consistent scenery, I went through the cute little town of belt and on my way to Lewistown where we stayed in a nice hotel for three nights. We found a local brewery for dinner. I oweContinue reading “Day 16 Malmstrom AFB to almost Lewistown”

Day 15 Conrad to Malmstrom AFB

Strava link Satellite tracking Three interesting little topics for today. First a big smilestone today. I crossed over 1000 miles since I started my journey!! Second, I met a westbound cyclist David Silverman (davidbsilverman on Instagram) who started in Long Island New York. We exchanged information and contact info then had to head off inContinue reading “Day 15 Conrad to Malmstrom AFB”