Day 35 Birchwood to Clam Lake

Strava link Satellite tracking We’ve all heard it before, but sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers. Clichés are clichés for a reason, there are things that we just need to hear more than once. Somethings in life you have to do alone. Some things you’ll choose to do alone. But, when youContinue reading “Day 35 Birchwood to Clam Lake”

Day 34 Balsam Lake to Birchwood

Strava link Satellite tracking Today we just rode and talked, we didn’t solve any world problems but we didn’t cause any either. We had a great day of riding. About middle to late afternoon we started encountering more and more ATVs and had no real idea where they were going or what they were doing.Continue reading “Day 34 Balsam Lake to Birchwood”

Day 33 Minneapolis to Balsam Lake

Strava link Satellite tracking I have a special treat for the next 7 to 10 days as my brother has joined me from Atlanta to ride through most of Wisconsin together before he flies home out of either Green Bay or Milwaukee. My friend Rick dropped Doug and I off at the start ofContinue reading “Day 33 Minneapolis to Balsam Lake”

Day 30 Dalbo to Minneapolis

Strava link Satellite tracking As nice as it is to meet new friends along the way. It’s very comforting and relaxing to be around old friends (sorry, friends of long-standing) the years seem to melt away and it’s just like we were back in college harassing each other laughing together and enjoying each other‘sContinue reading “Day 30 Dalbo to Minneapolis”

Day 29 Albany to Dalbo (Donn’s Bike Bunkhouse)

Strava link Satellite tracking Fun ride on a beautiful day. Minnesota wins so far for their bike paths and the small towns along the path win for dressing up the parks and areas around the path to invite people to use them. I saw lots of families out and one HS cross country team outContinue reading “Day 29 Albany to Dalbo (Donn’s Bike Bunkhouse)”

Day 28 Rothsay to Albany

Strava link Satellite tracking Today was all about the ride and the people you meet out on the road. I ran into Mike today when I was 10 miles into my ride in Fergus Falls. He turned around when he saw me and I thought he was just coming over to say hello. HeContinue reading “Day 28 Rothsay to Albany”

Day 27 Enderlin to Rothsay

Strava link Satellite tracking Today’s small town story is the more things change the more they remain the same. I walked next-door again to the only bar/restaurant in town. When I got there there was only one other table occupied 30 minutes later the place was packed because the local golf league had just hadContinue reading “Day 27 Enderlin to Rothsay”

Day 26 Gackle to Enderlin

Strava link Satellite tracking More life lessons to be learned today it’s a fine line between being appropriately fearful of bad weather and becoming too afraid to tackle your responsibilities or do the things you’ve got to do. I waited about two hours this morning to start riding because there were thunderstorms going through. TheContinue reading “Day 26 Gackle to Enderlin”