Day 34 Balsam Lake to Birchwood

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Today we just rode and talked, we didn’t solve any world problems but we didn’t cause any either. We had a great day of riding. About middle to late afternoon we started encountering more and more ATVs and had no real idea where they were going or what they were doing. The road signs kept indicating that there were ATV routes and they crossed and if they were on the road they had to stay on the pavement in single file. When we arrived in Birchwood we saw more ATVs in one place than we could ever imagine. It was the Saturday of Labor Day and everyone was trying to get in there last outing of the summer. Also, the education tour continues – ATVs are primarily single passenger smaller vehicles and UTVs are larger (utility task vehicles) also called side by sides because they have a passenger seat configured like a car. There are hundreds from miles of off road trails in the north woods of Wisconsin.

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