Day 26 Gackle to Enderlin

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More life lessons to be learned today it’s a fine line between being appropriately fearful of bad weather and becoming too afraid to tackle your responsibilities or do the things you’ve got to do. I waited about two hours this morning to start riding because there were thunderstorms going through. The forecast was for more headwinds and I almost convinced myself to take a rest day. But, after the thunderstorms got out of there I went ahead and rode and the winds never materialized and the day cleared up and I was able to ride most of the day and in good weather. So, figure out where the fine line is and don’t fear the unknown.

My small-town America story for today involves the owner of Dani‘s place (the one bar/restaurant in town). I went there for dinner last night and sat at the bar and talked to the owner who turned out to also be the second grade teacher in Gackle. We talked about teaching and we talked about the school where I taught and where she teaches and that she would like to come to Atlanta someday to visit the Ron Clark Academy. She had attended a seminar where he was presenting and is a big fan. Her second grade class in Gackle has four students compared to the 150 students I would see in a day.

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