Day 25 Napoleon to Gackle

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The education tour continues. This time with a lesson on perseverance. Severe storms came through at 4 o’clock in the morning and I was very happy to be indoors. The storms cleared and I could start without rain. It was a short ride today that was the hardest 40 miles I’ve ever ridden. It was in nearly a straight line into the teeth of a 25 mph wind probably gusted to 35. I could only average about 9 mph. Sometimes that’s what life is like. You are going to have to put your head down and just get it done. You can’t avoid it or ignore it you just have to keep moving forward. Or as a teacher friend and mentor used to say “you have to get on with the getting on”. Here’s to hoping that we all keep moving forward regardless of the circumstances.

Companion lesson, take advice of those in the know when they offer it. The owner of the six room hotel Where I stayed came across the gravel parking lot when he saw me getting ready to leave to let me know that a trucker staying there had told him that the primary route between Napoleon and Gackle was torn up with construction. So, he gave me an alternate route. I can’t imagine how much more difficult the ride would’ve been had I stuck to the original route I knew rather than accept the help of a stranger.

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