Day 28 Rothsay to Albany

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Today was all about the ride and the people you meet out on the road. I ran into Mike today when I was 10 miles into my ride in Fergus Falls. He turned around when he saw me and I thought he was just coming over to say hello. He didn’t want to interrupt my ride while we talked so We continued on and Mike and I rode together for the next 45 miles down to where his wife Lexi was working in Alexandria. She is a pharmacist and was working a float assignment. She and Mike bought me lunch and then we parted company. It was so great riding with mike today. He used to race, then was a chemist, then they moved to Fergus Falls where he is a letter carrier with a 14 mile walk route. The conditions today were perfect and with some company the first 50 some odd miles went by very quickly and by the end of the day I was able to get in 110 miles with all but 10 of it on bike paths. Thanks for company, Mike.

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