Day 22 Beach to Richardton

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The pictures in the videos tell their own story, but you need to hear about lootie. I met her on a stretch of the I 94 interstate. It took me a while to make sense of what I was seeing up in the distance. I saw something on the side of the road then I saw an orange reflector vest and thought it was people picking up trash and then as I got closer I saw it was someone running pushing a jog stroller on I 94. I stopped and we shared stories. What a fun person to run into in the most unlikely spot. She’s running around the world in support of women in war-torn countries. She’s been on the road for two years and started from Seattle in her run across the United States in July. She’s headed to New York City. She’s running a marathon a day six days a week. You can follow her on her website We encountered each other on day 506 of her blog. Inspired/crazy/caring comes in all forms.

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