Day 23 Richardton to Bismarck

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The bike travel today was fairly uneventful. Marian’s airline travel on the other hand was quite the ordeal. She missed her flight in Bismarck and spent the rest of the day at the airport getting rebooked on several different flights. Only to have her last chance for the day be late such that she would miss her connecting flight in Minneapolis. So, her only choices were be stranded in Bismarck or be stranded in Minneapolis. She opted to be stranded in Bismarck and Ubered over to my hotel. We were we were able to go out for a very nice dinner. Then she headed to the airport when I hit the road the next morning. I made it to my destination by bike before she made it back home by air. Travel can be adventurous no matter your mode of transportation.

One thought on “Day 23 Richardton to Bismarck

  1. Dan, my sore back and I are living vicariously through you on your excellent adventure! I’m enjoying your daily updates and look forward to the next. Safe travels and God bless,

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