Day 21 Circle to Beach,ND

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Three little stories today. Number one, the wind is ridiculous!!! It was blowing 20 to 30 miles an hour today but thank goodness it was a tailwind. For those of you that are cyclists this will mean something, but I averaged 18.8 mph for 76 miles on a fully loaded touring bike! I can’t do that on my non-loaded bike at home. Number two a smilestone for my fourth state. At the end of the ride I entered into Beach North Dakota. The third thing is anyone who knows Marian knows that she is a peach connoisseur, so when she saw a fresh peaches truck we had to make a U-turn and buy some. They weren’t bad but they’re not Georgia peaches!

Trains – I was wrong – in the video I said it was 2 or 3 miles long – it was actually 16 miles long!
Riding on an interstate (not something you see everyday)

3 thoughts on “Day 21 Circle to Beach,ND

  1. The rail cars you saw were stored covered hoppers used in grain service. They typically sit when it’s not harvest season somewhere or the price of grain is too low to move it from siloes to millers or ports for export. Most likely this is a grain branch line used only during harvest season.


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