Day 13 GNP to Browning

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Be fore warned this post has 19 pictures and eight videos so take your time with it. It was a great day beginning to end. It started with packing up the campsite at 4 o’clock in the morning in the dark. The campsite was great, there was a shower and there were flush toilets. They have guaranteed sites for hikers/bikers. I shared the campsite with a 72 year old who had taken the train from Chicago and was just cycle touring the Northwest and another gentleman who also took the train in and was getting ready to go back country backpacking. The Rangers expressed concern about riding going to the sun road but it was a far easier (traffic wise) and more enjoyable ride than the ride from Eureka along Highway 93 into Glacier National Park. There were far fewer cars than I expected given that they were requiring reservations. I was expecting a continuous line of cars but they were well spaced out and very courteous. I met two other cyclists on the way up that were riding up unloaded and had a shuttle taking them back from the Saint Mary’s side. Once I finished all the super fun part of riding the road I still had to make it from Saint Marys to Browning which included another climb about half as long as the going to the sun road without the stunning scenery to look at. The wind also picked up about 20 miles an hour once I got to the eastern side of the mountains. When I got to Browning it was a very sad little town on the Blackfoot reservation, about 70% of the buildings were boarded up but I was happy to have a place to rest and I had a nice dinner that included a huckleberry milkshake. More about huckleberries later.

11 thoughts on “Day 13 GNP to Browning

  1. Hello Dan this is Danny, we met at the wedding. Elizabeth and I have been following you. Love the pics. Stay safe. Ten miles at 7percent makes me tired just watching. 😅

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  2. Hi Dan! Mickey and I are following your blog and loving your adventures! We love cycling trips but ours are more of the wimpy way haha. GNP has been on our list! Cheers to water and more water!


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