Day 14 Browning to almost Conrad

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Three disconnected stories today. Story number one, wind the good and the bad. I started with a downwind leg from Browning to Cut Bank and I guess before I get too far into this, we are talking about 20 to 30 mile an hour winds. We don’t see those in Georgia unless it’s a tropical storm but from Browning to Cut Bank on level ground I was cruising along at 25 mph then I turned south with the wind coming out of the south west and slowed to 9 mph while being hit broadside by 20 mph grasshoppers.

Story two, another smilestone. I finished another map section in Cut Bank. I’m on to section 3 which will get me into ND.

Story three. I have company!!!! My lovely wife (Marian) found me on a farm road outside of Conrad and will be keeping me company in the evenings for the next 10 days . During the day she will be working remotely while I ride. While I have enjoyed my time alone it sure is nice to see a familiar face at the end of the day, get a hug and have someone to share the stories with immediately.

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