Day 19 Winnett to Jordan

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This is a story about the scale of farming and ranching which is really hard to understand especially from Atlanta, but even from having seen it firsthand it’s still hard to get a handle on. When I was in Cutbank I was talking to a farmhand at a convenience store who was telling me about the size of combines that they used in that area that were 48 feet wide and would cost about $3 million and then the cost of other equipment to support the combine he said a typical farmer would probably have about $6 million of equipment. That’s just the capital cost, now also think about the operating costs. Fast forward a couple of days to the day I finished my ride in Jordan and Marian and I went out to dinner at Hell Creek bar. There was a rancher in there showing everybody that he had a check for $1.29 million that he had received that day. He had probably just sold several hundred head of cattle and was buying drinks for any of his friends that came in. Fast forward to the next day and Marian was picking me up at the entrance to another ranchers property who came out while we were packing up and he told us the story of his ranch having been in his family since 1905 and was 130,000 acres of wheat, hay, and cattle. Each set of numbers by themselves seems huge but at the end of the day They hope for enough good weather and good fortune to make ends meet.


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