Day 16 Malmstrom AFB to almost Lewistown

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Today was a pretty uneventful day of riding pleasant weather neither hot nor cold, rolling consistent scenery, I went through the cute little town of belt and on my way to Lewistown where we stayed in a nice hotel for three nights. We found a local brewery for dinner.

I owe you the back story of huckleberries. They are the state fruit of Idaho, but are present all over the mountains of Washington, Idaho, and Montana. They are a big thing in these parts. They only grow in the wild and people pass down the location of huckleberry patches and won’t tell others where they found them. So far I have had huckleberry ice cream, milk shake, pancakes, jelly, and with yogurt and granola for breakfast.

On the technology front several people have asked how I get the out front video shots that look back at me. I have a film crew following me around. 😂 Actually it’s the camera that I’m using called the insta 360 one x2. It is mounted on a bag on the front of my bike. I never move it or change where it points. It records everything in 360° with extremely wide angle lenses. After the video has been shot I can pick where it’s focus is whether it’s to the front, to the side, or to the back. I can change it multiple times within a video clip which is how I do the morning videos. I start off with it wide angle looking at me and then I can turn it to looking down the road or off to the side but it’s all done with with one Camera and the views changed in post processing.

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