Day 45 Ludington to Sunrise Lake

Strava link Satellite tracking Two quick thoughts for today. I don’t know why God created mosquitoes. Today’s lesson on the education tour is from the campground. The more times you do something the better you get at it (except golf 😂) that’s why we practice. I’m getting pretty good at setting up and breaking downContinue reading “Day 45 Ludington to Sunrise Lake”

Day 44 Fond du Lac to Ludington

Strava link Satellite tracking Today’s ride was destination driven I had to make it to Manitowoc by 1 o’clock for my 2 o’clock ferry trip on the SS Badger to Ludington Michigan. I enjoyed my time in Wisconsin, my time riding with my brother, and visiting the Trek headquarters but it’s time to get movingContinue reading “Day 44 Fond du Lac to Ludington”

Day 43 Watertown to Trek HQ to Fond du Lac

Strava link Strava part 2 Satellite tracking I had a great great day visiting the Trek headquarters. It’s a lot of fun being around people who enjoy the same things that you enjoy and appreciate all the little nuances. While taking my tour multiple people working in different areas walked past Danny and I andContinue reading “Day 43 Watertown to Trek HQ to Fond du Lac”

Day 41 Columbia County Park to Watertown

Strava link Satellite tracking Today I went on a wild goose chase down the wild goose trail all the way from Fond du Lac to Watertown. It’s a crushed limestone rail trail. It was a lot of fun to ride and the tree cover protected me from an unfriendly wind. But before I got toContinue reading “Day 41 Columbia County Park to Watertown”

Day 40 Shawano to Columbia County Park

Strava link Satellite tracking All good things have to come to an end. My brother ended his riding adventure today and started his travel home adventure with his solo ride into Green Bay to drop off his bike. Then an Uber to a good will store to buy a suitcase, then a bus ride toContinue reading “Day 40 Shawano to Columbia County Park”

Day 38 Eagle River to Pickeral Point

Strava Link Satellite tracking Today’s lesson on the education tour comes literally from the road. You can have a map and a plan but you’re not in control of everything. Circumstances change usually without any warning one minute you’re riding on perfectly smooth pavement with a wide shoulder and for no apparent reason theContinue reading “Day 38 Eagle River to Pickeral Point”

Day 37 Mercer to Eagle River

Strava link Satellite tracking Two separate stories today. First, the most gorgeous, beautifully groomed, smooth, well maintained bike path I’ve ever seen in the middle of nowhere. If this was someone’s pork barrel project and I benefited from it is that what privilege is? The bike path is 50 miles long in the middle ofContinue reading “Day 37 Mercer to Eagle River”