Day 41 Columbia County Park to Watertown

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Today I went on a wild goose chase down the wild goose trail all the way from Fond du Lac to Watertown. It’s a crushed limestone rail trail. It was a lot of fun to ride and the tree cover protected me from an unfriendly wind. But before I got to the trail I stopped for a cup of coffee and a light breakfast at a coffee house in Fond du Lac that was literally in a house. I was having my coffee in one of the rooms of the house when two brothers in their mid-70s came in and we’re having their coffee. They started talking about how the house has changed and that they were having coffee in the younger brothers bedroom and the secret passage behind the wall and what was next-door when they used to live there. Neither one of them still lives in Fond du Lac but they don’t live that far away, so they decided to meet at the coffee shop and spend the day together. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to them and hearing the stories that they had of the neighborhood and the house it was pretty incredible. They were also pretty intrigued with my crazy story.

2 thoughts on “Day 41 Columbia County Park to Watertown

  1. So glad that you and your brother had a great adventure together! Great family story for the history books there. I understand that Dick and Deb are headed your way Friday. Enjoy your visit with them, stay safe and keep pedaling!


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