Day 43 Watertown to Trek HQ to Fond du Lac

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I had a great great day visiting the Trek headquarters. It’s a lot of fun being around people who enjoy the same things that you enjoy and appreciate all the little nuances. While taking my tour multiple people working in different areas walked past Danny and I and asked if that was my bike out in the lobby and then would ask me questions about how I had it set up and where do I get the panniers. Everyone there was so nice and helpful I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. They treated me to lunch in the cafeteria, they shipped my extra saddle back home for me, and just generally took care of me from the time I arrived till I had to say goodbye. Special thanks to Danny (my tour guide) and Sonya (for arranging everything) and to Andrew at Trek in Redmond WA for making the original contact for me. Trek is a great company to do business with because of the great people who work there.

The ride back up to Fond du Lac was a race against the thunderstorms and I lost. I got very wet and very muddy but I wasn’t struck by lightning (it never got that close but it had me looking over my shoulder and checking radar a lot) so it’s a win.

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