Day 44 Fond du Lac to Ludington

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Today’s ride was destination driven I had to make it to Manitowoc by 1 o’clock for my 2 o’clock ferry trip on the SS Badger to Ludington Michigan. I enjoyed my time in Wisconsin, my time riding with my brother, and visiting the Trek headquarters but it’s time to get moving east. By the way the whole scale thing came in to play again today. Berkeley Lake where I live, is 88 acres lake Michigan (which should have been called the Michigan inland sea) that I crossed on the ferry today is 14,339,840 acres.

The answer to the bonus question is (spoiler alert).

The SS stands for steam ship.

One thought on “Day 44 Fond du Lac to Ludington

  1. As we read your post this morning, we saw that giant Lake/Sea of Michigan watching the Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits! Congrats on State #7


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