Day 46 Sunrise lake to Midland

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Today’s ride was another destination driven ride. I had to make it to Midland to get my Covid test at least 48 hours but not more than 72 hours before I needed to cross into Canada. Two things happened along today’s ride. The first as I stopped in a town to take some heritage pictures for a dear friend and saw the church sign and just had to take a picture. The second, is when I stopped for my lunch break I was talking with Marian. When I finished up my lunch break I filled up my water bottles and rode away from the gas station leaving my wallet and phone sitting on a window ledge outside of the store. When I got to the tunnel marking the entrance to the Pere Marquette rail trail and went to take a picture I figured out that I had left my phone and wallet behind. It was probably the fastest 2 miles I’ve ridden this trip as I turned around and went back to the store and they were still sitting exactly where I left them. Nothing like a big shot of adrenaline in the middle of the day.

2 thoughts on “Day 46 Sunrise lake to Midland

  1. Whew! I’ve experienced that feeling of panic several times like that with my phone and wallet.

    I hope you got to see some of Midland. A college classmate lives there, her husband works for DOW Chemicals there. We’ve visited several times, and I like it more every time we go. It’s a small little town, but very cultural. A Frank Lloyd home is there – it is so fascinating, very eclectic, some of it on water. And their Farmer’s Market is amazing!

    You’re doing great, Dan! Not too much longer, considering where you started!


  2. I lost my one bike jersey with pockets in North Dakota, after that had to carry my phone & wallet in my hand when I went in stores– came very close to leaving them behind several times! So glad you got yours back. Ride on!


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