Day 36 Clam Lake to Mercer

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Today was a day of unexpected but very pleasant surprises. We knew there would be no convenience store anywhere around when it was time to stop for lunch. So, when we went through a town that had one we picked up all of our supplies and just said we would eat somewhere down the road. We were looking for just a picturesque place to stop and with all the lakes around we thought maybe we could find a wide spot along the road where we could stand next to a lake and have our lunch. Then Doug saw a sign for a public boat access down a dirt road. So, we took that path for about a quarter to a half mile and found the most picturesque spot I could imagine. There were loons on the lake calling to each other and while we were sitting there having our lunch a Bald Eagle did a flyover about 5 feet off the water all the way across the lake. If a deer or a bunny head come by I would’ve thought we were extras in a Disney movie (shortly after returning to the road a deer did run across).

When we arrived in clam lake which is nothing more than the junction of two roads the hotel across the street that was full was supposed to have a café where we could get dinner, but it didn’t. There was a convenience store and a gas station where we were thinking would be our only dinner option. The lodge where we did have a room which was about as basic an accommodation as you could imagine had a café which normally isn’t open for dinner but because it was a holiday weekend they were. Not only were they open but they had a fried chicken special which was very good.

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