Day 39 Pickeral Point to Shawano

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Today’s small town stories – after leaving Pickeral Point resort we rode about 10 miles to a little café to have breakfast and met the wonderful owner of the establishment as well as two tables of men from the Chicago area who were coming up to do end of the season maintenance at a Boy Scout camp served about 4000 scouts over the summer from the Chicago area.

Also barn quilts are a thing in Wisconsin and in Michigan (you can see the pictures above). While we were at breakfast we saw a flyer for a bicycle ride touring the barn quilts of Shawano County. I found the following article NY Times (barn quilts) in the New York Times if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “Day 39 Pickeral Point to Shawano

  1. Dan, I’m not sure if you get these messages but I’m sending it just in case. I am so grateful for all that you’re doing to support the families of Rainbow Village. You are truly an ANGEL! Keep rolling and be safe!


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