Day 56 Oswego to Boonville

Strava link Satellite tracking Horse and buggy video I spent the evening with Dave and Leanne and their grandson D’Artagnan just outside of Oswego New York. They were the most welcoming and gracious people you would ever want to meet. I enjoyed swapping stories with them and looking at Dave’s vast collection of bicycle pictures,Continue reading “Day 56 Oswego to Boonville”

Day 55 Fairport to Oswego

Strava link Satellite tracking Operating lock video The day started with a nice little surprise my Sunday school class had given me a Starbucks gift certificate in a card that they sent with the LoPresties. When I first saw it I chuckled, because I’ve only seen one Starbucks in the last 4000 miles. But, todayContinue reading “Day 55 Fairport to Oswego”