Day 56 Oswego to Boonville

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I spent the evening with Dave and Leanne and their grandson D’Artagnan just outside of Oswego New York. They were the most welcoming and gracious people you would ever want to meet. I enjoyed swapping stories with them and looking at Dave’s vast collection of bicycle pictures, posters, and bike part art. We talked about our dads. Dave’s dad served on an LST on D-Day. D’Artagnan is quite the swordsman, artist, and source of energy. Leanne spoiled me with a wonderful dinner with lots of fresh vegetables from their garden and a double dessert of a crumb cake and an end of season watermelon. Everything was delicious. The next morning I felt like a kid again as I got duck eggs and bacon arranged in a smiley face. Dave is an avid cyclist who has done numerous tours across different parts of the country including several around different Great Lakes. He rode out with me for the first 15 miles this morning and it was wonderful having the company and local road knowledge. It was hard to say goodbye to new friends but the journey must continue.

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