Day 55 Fairport to Oswego

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The day started with a nice little surprise my Sunday school class had given me a Starbucks gift certificate in a card that they sent with the LoPresties. When I first saw it I chuckled, because I’ve only seen one Starbucks in the last 4000 miles. But, today was the second, so I stopped at Starbucks and had a breakfast sandwich, a pastry, and a large cup of coffee and thought of them.

Today was a nice day of riding. I’m leaving the flatlands of the central US and upstate New York along the Erie canal and headed into New England area. I rode past a lot of apple orchards on my way to Oswego today. I also passed a group of four out of seven riders that have come together in different pieces the one on the road for the longest time started in Portland Oregon. Others joined in Missoula, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. They are on a slower pace of about 55 miles a day (I hope the weather holds out for them). I asked how they came together and it turns out this is their second trip across the country they originally met 10 years ago doing the Trans Am route. I did have a few navigation hiccups that cost me probably an extra 10 miles, but in the scheme of the whole country that doesn’t seem to matter.

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