Day 65 South Thomaston to Searsport

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Breakfast this morning at the Weskeag B&B was incredible. We had Turkey egg frittata, brown sugar glazed bacon, and French toast with a banana compote. And as good as breakfast was the conversation was better. Another couple was staying there, Tom and Barbara, from Portland Oregon. They came back into the area to celebrate their anniversary having honeymooned here 55 years ago. In his working years Tom did mission work in India and also was an avid cyclist. So, he was quite interested in my trip and all the latest bike technology. As we discussed the possibility of a new light weight e-bike for Tom, Barbara was trying to figure out the rose bush to bike equivalence 😂.

Marian joined me at the end of the day so she wouldn’t have quite as long to a drive to Bar Harbor tomorrow. It will be a short ride followed by a big celebration.

PS – there are no level roads in Maine – you are either going uphill or downhill.

3 thoughts on “Day 65 South Thomaston to Searsport

  1. Congratulations Dan! What an accomplishment and such a great adventure! I have enjoyed your updates throughout. Now to enjoy some rest and time to let it all sink in. Enjoy!


  2. Congratulations, Dan, on an amazing accomplishment! Conflicted feelings at this point in your journey seem like a natural progression. I sure have enjoyed your daily updates! Thanks for sending!


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