Day 64 Lewiston to South Thomaston

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It was a rather uneventful day of riding until I got close to the end and stopped to check directions and get my end of the day chocolate milk. When I came outside the convenience store this 1999 Plymouth prowler was there. When I started talking to the owner she’s had it since it was new and it still looks new. I told her that it was a project that my company had worked on to analyze the mechanism for the Prowler which was the first retractable hard top convertible. After leaving the convenience store it was a short trip to my B&B where I was greeted by two dogs, a turkey, and a collection of chickens.

I’ve also been meaning to share this lesson from my bike. Take care of the stuff that you need to keep you moving forward. With all the rain that I’ve been riding through every day after a wet ride I have to let the chain dry out overnight and then re-lubricate it in the morning to keep it running smoothly. There are mornings that I just want to skip that step and just go ride but like so many things in life we have to take care of the things that we depend on or they will stop being dependable. It doesn’t matter if those things are mechanical or physical.

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