Day 63 Conway to Lewiston

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As much fun as it is making new friends it’s very relaxing and comfortable spending time with old friends. I took a day not so much of rest, but a day to fit the logistics of timing the ending in Bar Harbor with our flight home. I spent the time at our friends house catching up on as many blog posts as I could and watching the rain out the window and not riding in it. When it was time to leave Sunday morning and I went to get my bike out of the basement, the house had other plans. It was holding my bike hostage. The key that I had used to open the door to the basement no longer worked. I tried it, wiggling it every way I could think of. Marian tried it, Sue tried it but nothing was working. No locksmiths were available, so out came the screwdriver and a hammer. breaking into a door looks a whole lot easier in the movies than it is in reality. After about an hour I finally got in and could retrieve my bike. I could then start the next leg of the journey only about an hour and a half late. Not too bad considering. The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. I did have the smilestone of crossing into my last state. Maine welcomed me with a cold rain for the last 6 miles heading into Lewiston.

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