Day 61 Lincoln to Conway

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I started the day with a great breakfast at Arnold’s Wayside diner in Lincoln New Hampshire and an energetic discussion among the locals on how to pronounce Kancamagus and Pemigewasset. And, the day only got better from there! I had a beautiful ride up the Kancamagus pass with lots of scenic overlooks providing amazing views of the white mountains and fall foliage. I stopped so many times to take pictures that I was debating if I would ever get to the top. In addition to the pictures the other benefit was I kept bumping into the same couple from Evansville Indiana at every stop and we struck up a nice conversation and laughed at our repeated encounters. I reached my 4000 mile smilestone today at the peak of the climb. And, at the end of the ride I was met by my lovely wife 😀. She will have the opportunity to visit with her college roommate for a couple of days and then join me for end of ride celebrations in Bar Harbor.

3 thoughts on “Day 61 Lincoln to Conway

  1. Hey Dan! Glenn and I have enjoyed following your trip and reading your blog. Congratulations on reaching 4000 miles. It’s impressive!!


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