Day 60 Strafford to Lincoln

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My host for last night Susanna and JT were wonderful from beginning to end. They greeted me warmly, gave me a lovely place to sleep, a wonderfully warm shower, fantastic food, and evening of a great conversation. We talked like we’ve been friends for 30 years. We all marveled at the coincidences the connected their friend Dan and I that led me staying with them. We talked about the uniqueness of Vermont politics and townhall meetings which was a completely foreign concept to me. We also spent a good bit of time talking about public lands because of JT’s work with The Trust for Public Lands, my oldest daughter’s work as a landscape architect,and Suzanna’s and my interest in being in the outdoors. She’s an ultra distance trail runner and obviously I’m riding across the country. Thank goodness JT was the smart one and suggested that we needed to go to bed otherwise we would’ve stayed up way too late talking.

Suzanna wouldn’t let me do anything to help with food preparation or doing the dishes or cleaning up my room or bathroom and I told her that my mothers voice would be in my head for the next 20 miles about doing my part to be a good guest. Nonetheless they sent me off with a hearty breakfast and a new friendship.

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