I made it! 4287 miles and $31,220 raised for Rainbow Village!

Thank you to everyone that supported me and Rainbow Village on this incredible journey!!!

I will post a last days ride blog and a wrap up and reflection post once the champagne clears, I get back to Atlanta, and it’s all had time to sink in.

10 thoughts on “I made it! 4287 miles and $31,220 raised for Rainbow Village!

  1. Congratulations Mr. Miller! I saw your story on Brookwood’s page and it is awesome to see that one of my favorite teachers is doing something he’s passionate about! This cause you supported and the entire story/ daily check ins have been inspiring. I hope you continue to have success! – Shayla Slappy


  2. Somehow I knew you’d be out here doing something amazing. Congratulations, Mr. Miller!! You remain an inspiration. – Riley Flack


  3. You obviously received, but also scattered, blessings across the continent. One over-arching blessing is your example of initiative and determination to follow through on a commitment to others, along with your demonstration of the personal benefits you got in return. Thanks for sharing the journey


  4. Congrats! I followed nearly every day and now am inspired to ride more myself (although not 4200 miles worth…) Thinking more along the lines of the Allegheny Passage Trail….

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us!


  5. We are honored that you chose Rainbow Village to benefit from this incredible ride, Dan. You’re an inspiration to many! Congratulations on one heck of a ride/journey- you did it!


  6. Congratulations Dan. What an awesome achievement. It has been a gift to share your journey from the comfort of my computer. I think your photos and earlier graphs reflecting the change in altitude as you ascended mountains under your own power managed to at least give me a glimpse into the magnitude of the day’s achievement Your encounters showed us the hospitality of strangers along a truly unknown trail reminiscent of a very different time. The description of the weather changes you encountered daily on the road and the unknown as you tried to retire for the evening puts a 21st century natural achievement into a context I have never imagined. I know it’s been done before but not by anyone I ever sat across a Sunday school class from. Thank you.


  7. Dan – Congratulations on a phenomenal journey. Thank you for taking us along for the ride. So great being able to see and learn such interesting things about our country. I have enjoyed every one of your posts. I also want to enter my contribution so your “total” isn’t final yet. Safe travels home. Love you, George.



  8. We are all so proud of you Dan! We have been inspired by your determination as well as the wonderful stories of the hospitality of strangers you experienced throughout your journey. We can’t wait to see you and to hear more stories.


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