Day 49 Sarnia CA to Blenheim CA

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On a bike ride across America – I took a taxi into Canada – It just doesn’t sound right. But, that’s what I did. Both of the ferries across the Saint Clair River are closed so the only way across is the Bluewater Bridge in Port Huron. However, they don’t allow bikes on the bridge, so I had to get a taxi from the American side to the Canadian side to start my trip across Canada. I came into Canada because the American side of Lake Erie has three or four big cities to negotiate starting with getting around Detroit so the Canadian side is shorter, safer, and prettier. It was like two different rides today the first 30 miles was along the Saint Clair River it was peaceful and picturesque with pleasant weather the second part of today’s ride was windy and across farmland and several gravel roads. When I got to my destination there wasn’t much there. The little hotel I was staying at was farther out of town and away from places to eat than I expected. But, I had quite the unexpected surprise when I found out it was only about a half mile away from a golf course that had a restaurant. So, I had my dinner on their back patio in between the first and the 10th tee on a nice afternoon once I was out of the wind. I had a great meal that wasn’t fried or a hamburger, even though their hamburgers did look good.

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