Day 50 Blenheim to Port Burwell

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I had two interesting conversations once I made it a Port Burwell. The first started with a case of mistaken identity when a long time resident (Ron) of Port Burwell saw me sitting at the only restaurant open on a Monday (a roadside hamburger joint with outdoor picnic tables only). He got out of his car and came to talk to me because I looked just like a childhood friend of his who had moved away. He was thinking (hoping) that I was his friend who had come back to visit. We had a really nice conversation and he gave me all kinds of local insight into visiting Long point if I had the time, which unfortunately I did not and the weather was not cooperating. He also told me about getting lobster rolls at Sunday church suppers up in Nova Scotia.

The second one was with the innkeeper of the Grey Gables bed-and-breakfast and several of his friends on the porch of the inn. It was election day so they were talking politics. When I joined the conversation we talked about the difference between American and Canadian politics (they have 6 or 7 political parties). We talked about regional accents and they wanted to know all about any local curiosities that I had observed since I’ve been in Canada. It was one of the most civil political discussions I’ve heard in a long time and it wasn’t because they all agreed, but they are all friends. (I think the lesson is make friends with people across the aisle)

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