Day 48 Otter Lake to Port Huron

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Last night I camped at the Otter Creek Campground. What a completely different experience from camping at sunrise lake where I was the only person camping in that state park campsite. Otter Creek is a private campground in the little town. I could walk to an ice cream shop and to the local bar/restaurant. There was also a beach. It was a really nice facility with hot showers and flush toilets. I meet the people in the campsite next to me. They were grandparents with their granddaughter and they were taking advantage of the rail trails that went both north and south from the campground. So, they were just there for the weekend and one of the days they took their granddaughter and rode 10 miles north and then the next day they were going to do the section to the south. They had a little bike for her but they also had a trailer so when she got tired they just strapped her bike to the top of the trailer and she rode along in the trailer. They also had a son who used to work for a Trek dealer. So, she was quite fascinated with my bike and took pictures and sent them to him.

The managers of the campground were very nice. They’re the perfect example of choose your own adventure in life. They both quit their corporate jobs bought an RV and for the summer months they manage this campground in otter Creek which closes on October 15. I asked them what they did then and they go down to Yuma Arizona where they tend bar at an all inclusive high-end RV park for just eight hours a week and that covers all of their Rent and they get to use all of the amenities of that resort which included a pool, fitness center, restaurant, golf course, spa, and I might’ve lost track of other things. They seem to really enjoy their lifestyle, but it’s not for everyone.

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