Day 4 Chelan to Okanogan

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I forgot to tell you a funny observation from day two. You know where they have road signs about who’s cleaning up the section of the road, well there was one sign that said the section was sponsored by the Happy valley nudist colony and I thought trash pick up day would be a very interesting day for people driving down the road.

Today the forecast was for a high temperature in the low 100s so I was expecting quite a hot day. But, there was so much smoke at high altitude that it blocked the intensity of the sun and it didn’t get above 80° until almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon. That made for a very enjoyable ride but a strange looking sky. I also observed that the trade-off for being on a road with almost no traffic is that you’re out in the middle of nowhere and can feel very much alone.

5 thoughts on “Day 4 Chelan to Okanogan

  1. Dan….praying for you on your journey. Wow! What a thing you are doing! I’ve been enjoying your posts and pictures!
    Stay safe out there!


  2. Nudist colony? Now that would have been an interesting stop! Keep pedaling, stay safe, and enjoy the ride!


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