Day 5 Okanogan to Republic

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I spent my first night with a warm showers host in Okanogan what a wonderful experience, what a great organization, and the people who are willing to open their homes for touring cyclists are great. It was such a fun experience, she had to work late but made arrangements for me to be able to get in and shower I met her two dogs and cat and when she got home from work we cooked a wonderful dinner together and talked till too late. I would highly encourage any touring cyclist to take advantage of warm showers. I’ll be staying with another warm showers host when I arrive and Republic.

Some of you have asked about the significance of the little green turtle on my front bag. I was told by another touring cyclist that every adventure needed a mascot so I picked him up in Seattle at the REI store. His name is dude from the finding Nemo movie he’s a little bit away from the EAC as he finds himself on the NTR, but we keep each other company as I learn to go with the flow.

Today’s ride was fairly uneventful and enjoyable just the one big long climb to get up over and then a nice cruise down into Republic. As the ride was all but done I was surprised by a very steep graveled road up to my warm showers host house that I had to get off and walk up.

Hills teach an interesting lesson, all hills can be gotten up! Some just take longer than others, some are more painful than others, and some require a change of plans and you just have to walk.

12 thoughts on “Day 5 Okanogan to Republic

  1. I love your comments about climbing mountains and your unique perspective. I remember when we used to hike the AT I came up with a similar mantra……”Every mountain has a top”. Eventually, step by step (or with each pedal in your case) you get closer to the top. Keep pedaling strong my brother. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Dan, Thank you so much for all that you are doing to support Rainbow Village and our families! You are doing awesome! Safe travels through your travel!


  3. Dan, just wanted to let you know that you have hit the half way mark on your fundraising goal!!! On behalf of the families we serve at Rainbow Village….THANK YOU…you are changing lives with ever mile!!
    Stay safe!


  4. Thank you for bringing us along on your journey. I love the posts, the views and all the embedded wisdom. Although, I was marginally disappointed a day or two ago that you didn’t break into rhyme: If you want the views you have to pay the dues…missed opportunity to be a poet. Keep pedaling my friend. May your journey of a lifetime be everything you wanted and then some.


  5. Happy you had some company, especially after reading you comment about the alone feeling from your post the day before. Both posts came in this morning and I was going to say that if it makes you feel any less along to remember there are a bunch of us back here who have you in our thoughts/prayers. Dinner & conversation is definitely more tangible. Took a while to remind ourselves you won’t be one of the cyclists riding by when we’re out on our walks for the next few weeks. 😊


  6. You just answered one of my housekeeping questions, where and when do you shower? I know that after an hour to an hour and half ride here in GA I’m dripping wet! I’m sure you have some system down and hope that it’s reasonably hygenic. 😉 I’m also wondering about your game plan once you see inclement weather ahead. That can really rain on your parade! Here’s wishing you a tailwind! Stay strong.


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