Day 3 Leavenworth to Chelan

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Go north they said, it’ll be cooler they said, well not today. My Garman said it was 106 on my way up the climb into Chelan, it wasn’t really that hot. The Garman was just in full sun in the shade it was 96, but that sounds like complaining. I have nothing to complain about, it was a beautiful day, reasonable mileage, fun stuff to look at, a gorgeous park along the Columbia river for a snack break, and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. I really appreciate all the support from those of you looking at the blog site and am so thankful for the incredible donations to Rainbow Village.

Fire fighting helicopter getting water out of the Columbia river
Climb up from the Columbia river
Coming into Chelan along the lake

One thought on “Day 3 Leavenworth to Chelan

  1. Enjoy the ride sir! I’m enjoying from the sidelines. Safe travels and will miss you at the Hartwell Open this year.


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