Day 2 Monroe to Leavenworth

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Satellite tracking – not working today

Intro day 2

Day two had a lot of ups and downs both literally and figuratively. Literally it was a mountain day the first 50 miles was uphill the last 30 was downhill and the views of mountains and rivers were breathtaking. Figuratively the day started with technology problems, the satellite tracker would not turn on, so I spent the first two hours in the morning with customer support trying to get it to work with no success. So, I started riding late. It was a lengthy day with a very hot climb. Then about 10 miles into a 30 mile dissent I got a large puncture in my rear tire that I wasn’t sure I could repair. But, after about an hour on the side of the road I got it repaired and finished a beautiful ride along the Wenatchee River on my way into the town of Leavenworth.

The climb

11 thoughts on “Day 2 Monroe to Leavenworth

  1. Keep peddling Dan, Subaru of Gwinnett is rooting for you, and if I can get your route, I can arrange support from local Subaru dealerships along the way!!!!!!


    1. I love Subaru of Gwinnett’s support of Rainbow Village – my route is so much out in the middle of nowhere that in over a thousand miles I have only seen one car dealership of any kind – not much chance I will pass by a Subaru dealership – interesting note my first car was a Subaru


      1. That’s great to hear !! We love Rainbow Village an proud of you for making this journey !! Keep up the great work !!!


  2. I am loving being able to “ride” along with you! Thanks for taking the time to share photos, videos and thoughts!!


  3. Ouch!! I could hear the pain and exhaustion in your voice as you climbed the mountain. Love your attitude about the best views being at the top of the mountain, tho. Wishing you much smoother “sailing” throughout the rest of your journey!


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