Day 1 Anacortes to Monroe

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The day started with a ridiculously big breakfast followed by the ride down to the boat ramp in Washington Park for the required rear wheel in the Pacific ocean picture. Then just a beautiful day of riding in the Pacific Northwest islands, I had stunning views of the Puget Sound at times then into some northwest rainforest with ferns about 6 feet tall, then some surprisingly expensive farmland out on those islands and next to the ocean. I did have one detour today. I had planned my route next to the ocean unaware that it was the Whidbey Island Naval air station which is where they filmed or staged the movie “an officer and a gentleman”. About at the air station I met up with a truly free spirit who had riden his bike from Ohio over to the West Coast and was planning to return back along the northern route but changed his mind with all the forest fires and was redirecting his route down to Los Angeles along the Pacific coast highway where he was going to fly back home from there. It was fun riding with him for about 10 miles before our our routes diverged. I finished my time on the islands with a ferry ride back to the mainland and then another 20 miles on to Monroe to finish the day with a few more miles than I intended ending with 93.

14 thoughts on “Day 1 Anacortes to Monroe

  1. Got you on the Prayer Chain, Dan! If the need for more come along, let me know!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, videos, and letting us travel vicariously through you! Little bit jealous of all you will see and experience. Wishing you Godspeed!


  2. As beautiful the views are on your videos I can only imagine how much more breathtaking they are for you. Love the technology that allows all of us to share a piece of that beauty. Did you think of tethering a drone to your bike to do some fly by shots? God speed my friend.


  3. So excited to follow your journey, Dan!! I hope you make many memories and enjoy some fun adventures all along the way!!


  4. Way to go Dan! We’re the couple you met in the breakfast restaurant. That was a big breakfast, and I’m proud of you for cranking out 93 miles! I believe your goal was 80 miles/day! You’re in the black! Keep it up!
    Mark & Polly


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