When does a journey begin?

I am very excited to start the ride! I found myself getting very frustrated with all the logistics and wishing that the journey could just start. When I started to think (dangerous – and I will have lots of time for it over the next couple of months) when does a journey begin? Did this journey start when my dad first taught me to ride, or when I started riding a lot because my knees couldn’t handle all the running, or when I did my first cross state ride with my oldest daughter when she was only 11, or when I retired and wanted to do something big that I had never had time for before. Regardless of the answer to that question I concluded that like all of lifes journeys we shouldn’t wish away the difficult parts because they are as much a part of the journey as the celebrations.

I am not the best at all the planning and logistics that go into an activity like this. It also doesn’t help that the world is not back to normal like I sometimes think it is. These are all first world problems and I do understand that, but they do wear you down. First, there was all the delays in getting anything related to bikes and camping. Then, I had to get me and my stuff to the starting point only to find out that rental cars are in extremely short supply in Seattle and running almost a thousand dollars a day. All the problems have been solved and in less than a week I should be on my way.

14 thoughts on “When does a journey begin?

  1. Take lots of digital photos for your presentation when you get back. Safe travels and if you hear banjo 🪕 music 🎼 pedal faster.


  2. I’m inspired by your dedication and persistence, Dan. Grateful you’re focused on personal excellence and the well being of others through the Rainbow Village link. Praying for your safety, health, and many daily moments of great joy!


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