Day 58 Long Lake to Middlebury

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You can skip this video if you want. The camera was stuck on me after an sd card swap.

I stayed in an Adirondack inn built in 1899 last night in Long Lake. The LoPrestis joined me for dinner in the hotels tap room (aka – pub). We had a fantastic dinner before they drove on to their Airbnb and then we’ll go to upstate Vermont for the rest of their vacation. I will continue my ride onto my last three states.

I had my breakfast this morning at a convenience store because all the restaurants in town are starting to go to weekend only service as their busy summer season is over. Just as I was getting ready to leave and walked out of the store a gentleman was standing outside looking at my bike. We started a conversation mostly about bikes and how they have changed since he used to ride a lot. Then we switched to talking about our histories that included some of the most bizarre circumstances given where we were. He is Hungarian and goes back home to visit every year. He spends his summers in Long Lake but he lives in Athens Georgia and is a UGA grad. I about fell over! He also shared that his grandfather had a place just outside of Bar Harbor.

One thought on “Day 58 Long Lake to Middlebury

  1. Hi Dan,
    Polly and I stayed at the Adirondack Inn during stage 5 of our ride across America in September. Quite a place, and the food was good! It’s been fun following your ride, and am so excited you are nearing the end! Good job!


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