Day 52 Dunnville to Lockport (return to the USA at Niagara)

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It rained pretty much all day and it didn’t matter. I started the day on a bike path headed towards Fort Erie and met up with a couple that was doing a supported tour with Velo Quebec. We rode together for about 20 miles before they peeled off for their hotel and I continued on to the falls. The falls are an amazing natural wonder. If you ever get the opportunity you should come see them for yourself. Probably the best viewing is from the Maid of the Mist, but if you can only see it from the land you should really try to get to the Canadian side. As I was getting ready to leave I remembered I had $10 Canadian that wasn’t gonna do me any good once I went across the bridge. So, I found a family with two little boys and gave the money to the mom suggesting she should get the boys some ice cream. They had big smiles on their faces. I was hoping the sun would come out because with all the mist from the falls whenever the sun is shining you’ll get a rainbow, but no such luck. As I crossed the bridge back into the United States I entered my eighth state with only three more to go.

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