Day 9 Sandpoint ID to nowhere MT

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Today was a two smilestone day. I entered my third state going into Montana and I started a new map section on the adventure cycling route maps. My original concerns about being able to blog daily and finding a place to sleep are turning out to be valid. Blogging has either been interrupted by great conversations and time spent with hosts (this is a good thing) or the complete lack of Internet or cell phone connection. The hotel I found for tonight was because there was no campground that was open and the hotel I found isn’t listed on Google or Google maps. I got the phone number from another place that was 30 miles short of this location and he just gave me the phone number I called them up and they had a room. It was six rooms behind a gas station and the quick wash is all that showed up on Google maps. My brother texted to asked if that’s where I was showering. It is quite the adventure and I’m having a blast. Thanks for following along!

5 thoughts on “Day 9 Sandpoint ID to nowhere MT

  1. I was hoping that the hotels were pre-plotted out and already stored in your device. Nothing like riding by the seat of your pants (pun intended) and wondering if you’ll be able to find a reasonable place to lay your head. May that never end up being the case again.


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